White Rabbit (2013)

Full Film

Dr. Moss (Jeremy Sande) goes to visit Dr. Salazar (Josh Powell) at his clinic where he learns about Adam Lampton (David Quin), a patient who has gone mentally insane because he believes a bunny ate his brain. Salazar goes onto explain that Adam was a part of an experiment as a child that made him afraid of white rabbits. Adam truly believes that an entity is stalking him with an insidious purpose, and must rely on the help of Alice (Caitlin Avery) and the Hatter (Jeremy Sande) to ward off the beast. A follow-up to the psychological thriller "Deux Esprits" that marks the second film in the announced Salazar trilogy.

Written and directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • David Quin as Adam Lampton
  • Jeremy Sande as Dr. Moss/The Hatter
  • Caitlin Avery as Alice
  • Josh Powell as Dr. Salazar
  • Jeremy Hammack as the White Rabbit
  • Stephen Baley as James

Psychological Consultants

  • David Quin
  • Jeremy Hammack
  • Sam Silverii

Bunny Costume Provided by

  • Sandra Grayson

Graphic Design

  • Josh Eddie

Assistant Camera

  • Josh Powell

Dolly Grip/Assistant Sound

  • Lamar Allen

Production Assistant

  • Cori Rowe