The Fittest (2011)

Full Film - Director's Cut

Gabe (Sam Silverii) is a depressed individual who is having relationship trouble with Jonna (Kim Dingess). Suddenly, a mysterious outbreak occurs in the school, prompting Gabe to stop being as dormant and to take action. He is thrust into a group of survivors made up of Dan (Ethan Simpson), Missy (Heather Gothard), Todd (Jonathan Henderson), and Kevin (Matt Faries). As the zombie threat lurks below, the survivors must learn to work together to share and survive. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in the end it becomes a survival of the fittest.

Written and directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Sam Silverii as Gabe
  • Kim Dingess as Jonna
  • Heather Gothard as Missy
  • Jonathan Henderson…Todd
  • Ethan Simpson…Dan
  • Matt Faries…Kev


  • Daitandris Hatcher
  • Bethani Thomas
  • Isaac Plunkett
  • Cody Rowe
  • Billy Worthy
  • Caleb Stevens
  • Daniel Monjarres
  • Aaron Brown
  • Dylan Lacoste

Zombie Victims

  • Terry Dent
  • Josh Eddie
  • Kelsey Downs
  • Drew Williams
  • Stuart Robinson

Makeup Effects

  • Cori Rowe


  • Cary Jones

Assistant Camera

  • Isaac Plunkett

Creative Consultant

  • Hayden Thrasher