The Next X (2012)

Full Film - Director's Cut

Rookie cop Cal Learner (Ethan Simpson) goes undercover as Ernie Ebbers at the request of his police captain (Dr. Cliff Fortenberry) to uncover the disturbing truth about a suspicious student named David Zetterberg (Aaron Brown). He is aided along the way by Liv Borden (Jordan McMichael), a street-smart undercover cop who wants to stop the villainous Zetterberg. As the stakes become higher, a new target named Victoria Newell (Lexie Smith) is chosen by David, and it’s up to Cal and Liv to bring an end to a ritual searching for the next “X”.

Written and directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Ethan Simpson as Cal Learner/Ernie Ebbers
  • Aaron Brown as David Zetterberg
  • Jordan McMichael as Olivia "Liv" Borden
  • Lexie Smith as Victoria Newell
  • Cliff Fortenberry as Police Captain

Faces in the Book

  • Heather Gothard
  • Cori Rowe
  • Heather Barnes
  • Kim Dingess


  • Aaron Brown
  • Ethan Simpson
  • Cori Rowe

Music arranged

  • Curtis Everitt

Special Thanks

  • Sam Silverii
  • MC Cafeteria Workers
  • Cliff Fortenberry
  • Cori Rowe
  • Stevie Franks
  • Clint Barthel
  • Hayden Thrasher
  • Steve Oxner
  • Laura Everitt

Creative Consultants

  • Ethan Simpson
  • Kim Dingess
  • John Everitt