Morality Play (2011)


Joseph (Jeff Smith) lives at the church that his dead wife used to bring him to because he feels a closer connection to her there. Soon he realizes though that they had their time together and now it is time to start living for God instead of in the past. Messenger (Randy Tackett) is the good inspiration that helps him shape his beliefs, while Wormwood (Alan Dutro) seeks to destroy everything that Joseph is. Wormwood is cooking up a diabolical scheme which he wishes Joseph to participate in, but Joseph wants to have no part in it. After reading his Bible, Joseph realizes certain steps that he needs to take in his journey for faith, and so he tries to drown out the spiritual demons that are dragging him down. Joseph must learn to get rid of his pride, wrath, envy, and sloth to be able to overcome the control of Wormwood, who uses harsh memories to trap Joseph at times.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Curtis Everitt


  • Jeff Smith and Curtis Everitt


  • Jeff Smith as Joseph
  • Alan Dutro as Wormood
  • Randy Tackett as Messenger
  • Josh Stodghill as Dr. Peter Carr, Pastor
  • Matthew Phalen as Youth Pastor
  • Courtney Smith as Sarah
  • Jonathan Henderson as Young Peter
  • Rachel Hursh as Young Sarah
  • Josh Alford as Pride
  • Jacob Alford as Sloth
  • Tyler Randall as Wrath
  • Aaron Brown as Envy


  • Evan Brown
  • and Curtis Everitt

Dolly Grips

  • Tyler Randall
  • Jeremy Terrance

Filmed on location

  • Ridgecrest Baptist Church
  • Bridgepointe subdivision

Special thanks

  • The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
  • Beau Robinson

Produced by

  • Brian Price