Love Route (2012)

Sneak Peak (Part 1)


On his deathbed, Jude Wenslow's father was swindled out of his house. This house was to be Jude's inheritance, but not it's fallen into the control of gangster Michael Angelo (Josh Powell), who plans to use it for criminal activity. Jude (Darrock Flynn) pursues Joey Angelo (Jeremy Hammack) because he has access to the deed. Jude uses every means at his disposal to harass Joey and his entourage. Even though he is a bounty hunter, Jude is not legally permitted to carry a firearm because of a previous offense. This causes tension whenever Jude grows more paranoid and contacts gun dealer Argile (Jeremy Terrance). Also, Jude goes to collect Charlie (Aaron Brown), a real estate agent associated with Joey, and ends up putting him in a closet and stealing Charlie's beautiful date away. Gina the librarian (Faith Randall) is looking to start over in a healthy relationship, and luckily for her Jude comes along to save her from Charlie's more sinister intentions. A barrier between Jude and Gina is that Jude is not honest about his identity, posing as Charlie on their first couple dates. Not only must Jude break the news to Gina, but he also must collect the deed and stay alive in this hardball game of cat and mouse.

Written and directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Darrock Flynn as Jude
  • Faith Randall as Gina
  • Aaron Brown as Charlie
  • Jeremy Hammack as Joey
  • Josh Powell as Michael
  • Jeremy Terrance as Argile
  • David Shoemaker as Bruno
  • Seth Kingston as Mars
  • Isaac Plunkett as Unlucky Fellow
  • Kayla Walls as Girl by Pool

Music arranged

  • Curtis Everitt

Assistant camera

  • Isaac Plunkett

Format consultant

  • David Shoemaker

Stunt driver

  • Seth Kingston

Special thanks

  • Courtney Smith
  • Lisa Randall