The Intimidation Game (2012)

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After her cover is blown at the school where she used to write illegal essays, Hope Turner (Lexie Smith) relocates to a new area after a recommendation from her cop sister Liv (Jordan McMichael). Hope begins to work for Farraday (Josh Powell), who despises newspapers because of their poor writing style and yearns for his essay writing business to transcend the levels of ordinary writing. Another employee named Ned (Curtis Everitt) approaches Hope one day after she finishes work, talking to her about the importance of walking around in a student’s shoes before attempting to write anything from their point of view.

Whenever she starts working for Pen and Inc., Hope happens to write a paper so good that it is recognized as not the student’s work. The college president gets involved in the matter, telling his security adviser to deal with the situation. His lazy security adviser Trent (Sam Silverii) hires one of his acquaintances named Roderick (Lamar Allen) to deal with the situation, and Roderick uses his favorite employee Simon (Jeremy Hammack) to scare away Farraday. Simon takes his responsibility too far and ends up putting Farraday in the hospital, but not before developing a creepy obsession with Hope. It is not until Simon tries to kidnap her and she is rescued by a secret agent named Reddit (Aaron Brown) that Hope realizes the true gravity of her situation. Siding with Reddit after he gains her trust, she recognizes that to catch the deviant psychopath Simon, they will have to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Curtis Everitt


  • Jeremy Hammack
  • and Curtis Everitt


  • Lexie Smith as Hope
  • Jeremy Hammack as Simon
  • Aaron Brown as Reddit
  • Lamar Allen as Roderick
  • Sam Silverii as Trent
  • Josh Powell as Farraday
  • Jordan McMichael as Liv
  • Darrock Flynn as Vanderheart
  • Jonathan Henderson as Shotgun Thug
  • Paige Boatman as Young Hope
  • Eddie Boatman as Hope’s Father
  • Josh Eddie as College Security Guard
  • Tyler Randall as Guard 1
  • David Shoemaker as Guard 2
  • Kelsey Downs as Student
  • Jessica Rice as Newscaster
  • Cameron Treadwell as Scolding Teacher
  • Cliff Fortenberry as Himself
  • Phyllis Seawright as Herself
  • Lee Royce as Himself
  • Curtis Everitt as Ned


  • Christopher Blanton
  • and Curtis Everitt

Breakaway Prop FX

  • New Rule, Inc.


  • Cori Rowe
  • Josh Eddie
  • Aaron Brown

Special Thanks

  • Lee Royce
  • Marcelo Eduardo
  • The MC School of Business
  • Cori Rowe
  • Earline Kelly
  • Morgan Bryant
  • The MC Office of Student Disabilities
  • Randall Jolly
  • Christopher Blanton
  • Lana Boatman

Filmed on Location

  • The Quisenberry Library
  • Mississippi College
  • Pine Trails Apartments
  • Crossroads, MS
  • Flowood, MS

Production Secretary

  • Cori Rowe