Deux Esprits (2012)

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John (Josh Zebert) attends therapy sessions at the clinic of Dr. Salazar (Josh Powell). After a few meetings, Salazar recognizes that John has a dual personality and gives him pills to supposedly help his disorder. In actuality, the pills make John's symptoms more severe, in essence allowing Salazar to summon the more violent personality known as Judas (Andrew Eitel). Salazar's agenda includes the elimination of the tender Dr. Francis (Jonathan Henderson), the observant Dr. Zimmerman (Aaron Brown), and the mysterious Dr. Blonsky (Jeremy Hammack). For reasons unknown to John, Judas is able to emerge whenever he likes, but Judas soon learns that John can make him deviate from his lethal goal. Ultimately, the entire experience turns out to be the ultimate judge of character for John, and his moral integrity is the only thing that keeps the good part of his mind prevalent.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Jeremy Hammack


  • Jeremy Hammack with Curtis Everitt


  • Josh Zebert as John
  • Andrew Eitel as Judas
  • Josh Powell as Salazar
  • Jonathan Henderson as Francis
  • Aaron Brown as Zimmerman
  • Jeremy Hammack as Blonsky
  • Faith Randall as Maggie

Music arranged

  • CLE

Creative consultant

  • Laura Everitt

Based on an idea by

  • David Shoemaker