Destroyer Prince (2012)


Making of

The old king, who becomes known as the Wanderer (Aaron Brown), is attacked by his loyal bodyguard Hoffman (Josh Powell) after not advancing on the rebels when he had the opportunity to crush them. In Hoffman's attack, the king's wife (Lexie Smith) is killed and his son (Cody Rowe) enters into a coma. Wounding Hoffman, the Wanderer manages to escape to the countryside where he lives in a hut.

The only person who the Wanderer can trust is his former page Leomen (Faith Randall), a fierce warrior who the king has confused feelings toward. The old king wishes to withdraw from the conflict altogether, but Hoffman sends assassins in the form of headstrong Bardem (Isaac Plunkett) and overly confident Depardieu (Nathanael Gassett). This action causes the Wanderer to lash out and pursue Hoffman and his intellectual apothecary Singh (Ethan Simpson). On his journey to ultimate vengeance, the king seeks to right wrongs in the kingdom by eliminating murderers and rapists that he comes across.

The king also encounters Waker (David Shoemaker), an inspiring actor who was deserted by his theater troupe. Waker finds himself in the midst of danger as he becomes subject to the preying of notorious psychopathic cannibal Alister Hinkley (Evan Brown), and the only one who can save him is the Wanderer.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Curtis Everitt


  • Curtis Everitt
  • with Micah Smith


  • Aaron Brown as Wanderer
  • David Shoemaker as Waker
  • Josh Powell as Hoffman
  • Faith Randall as Leomen
  • Ethan Simpson as Singh
  • Nathanael Gassett as Depardieu
  • Lexie Smith asQueen
  • Darrock Flynn as Castle Guard
  • Isaac Plunkett as Bardem
  • Evan Brown as Alister Hinkley
  • Heather Barnes as Diana
  • Jeremy Hammack as Pistachio
  • Sam Silverii as Thug 1
  • Josh Eddie as Thug 2
  • Cori Rowe as Lady of the Night
  • Dexter Brown as Markus
  • Amelia Blue as Celeste
  • Jonathan Henderson as Monk
  • Cody Rowe as Destroyer Prince

Music arranged

  • Curtis Everitt

Costumes provided by

  • Aaron Brown
  • Dr. Phyllis Seawright
  • Laura Everitt


  • Cary Jones
  • David Shoemaker
  • Aaron Brown
  • Isaac Plunkett
  • Cori Rowe
  • Marky Randall

Special Thanks

  • Brian Price
  • Dr. Phyllis Seawright
  • Dr. Bill Stark
  • John Stark
  • Matt Brown
  • The Andrew Jackson Council
  • Jacob Alford
  • Amelia Blue
  • Jonathan Henderson
  • Cori Rowe
  • The Reservoir Fire Station
  • Steven Wood
  • Carey McCluskey
  • Five Elements Karate Masters
  • Dexter Brown
  • Jacque Tharp

Filmed on Location

  • The Clinton Nature Center
  • Mississippi College
  • Ridgecrest Baptist Church
  • Natchez Trace
  • Owens Creek Waterfall
  • Warren A. Hood Scout Reservation
  • Barnett Reservoir Botanical Garden Trail
  • The Clinton Visitor Center

Saint Studios Locations

  • Flowood, MS
  • Crossroads, MS
  • Leesburg, MS

Creative Consultant

  • John Everitt