Conquering Kings (2013)

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Davian (Trisdon Runnels) is a prince who lives off in the woods with his bodyguard and mentor Phillip (Michael Randall). Davian is hidden from the world because he is the rightful heir to the throne, and many others such as the self-proclaimed king Camien wish to kill Davian. Being young and rebellious, Davian disobeys Phillip's rules and finds comfort in Vesperelda (Victoria Rigby), a supposed lady of the night who is more than she appears. Elsewhere in this fantasy realm surrounding Pumatown, Anika the witch (Billie Joyce) is about to be offered up to God as a sacrifice by diabolical priest Taggert (Lamar Allen). Luckily, she manages to evade this unfortunate fate and finds her companion in the blind swordsman Depardieu (Josh Powell). Depardieu's encounter with Davian's father is what lost him his vision, but he does not feel resentment towards the young prince. These intertwining story lines boil down to a battle that will decide the future of the kingdom.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Jeremy Hammack
  • and Curtis Everitt

Inspired in part by

  • “Colors” by Kim Dingess


  • Curtis Everitt


  • Faith Randall as Leomen
  • Trisdon Runnels as Davian
  • Michael Randall as Phillip
  • John Ortigo as Prison Guard
  • Billie Joyce as Anika
  • Lamar Allen as Taggert
  • Josh Stodghill as Taporkin
  • Victoria Rigby as Vesperelda
  • David Shoemaker as Camien/The Wolf
  • Josh Powell as Depardieu
  • Aaron Brown as Halbeard
  • Josh Eddie as Benovida

Village Guards

  • Jim Schnadelbach
  • David Quin
  • Jonathan Henderson

Camien’s Troops

  • Andrew Petersen
  • David Quin
  • Gerald Brown
  • Fred Perry

Production Assistant

  • Cori Rowe


  • Cori Rowe
  • Lamar Allen
  • Curtis Everitt

Assistant Camera

  • Lamar Allen

Fight/Safety Coordinator

  • Michael Randall

Chase Coordinators

  • Josh Eddie
  • Jim Schnadelbach
  • David Quin
  • Trisdon Runnels
  • Jonathan Henderson


  • Curtis Everitt
  • with Christopher Blanton

Special thanks

  • Laura Everitt
  • John Everitt
  • Brian Price
  • Phyllis Seawright
  • Mignon Kucia
  • Cori Rowe
  • Jonathan Henderson

Filmed on Location

  • Mississippi College
  • The Quisenberry Library
  • The Clinton Nature Center
  • Ross Barnett Botanical Garden Trail
  • The Mississippi Agricultural Museum
  • The Memphis Zoo
  • Memorial Park Crystal Shrine Grotto

Title by

  • Jeremy Hammack