Cape Town (2013)

Feature and Trailer (at 3:00):

Roland Thompson (Aaron Brown) is a disgraced film composer who has been off the grid for five years. He is called back into action when overzealous, strapped-for-cash director Chip Hastings (Jonathan Henderson) needs a composer who is more concerned about the craft than the compensation. Since Roland sold all his instruments when he missed out on his gold statuette, producer Mr. Banks (Jay Long) suggests that Roland stay at the local university to use the college's resources to finish his work. Roland encounters composer's block when trying to create original work, but he engages in the creative student community around him and talks to writers and artists about their work. Through their stories, his music is brought to life. 'The Composer' is the prevailing storyline in the film, but throughout Roland's interaction with artists such as Jackie (Anna Breeden) and Dexter (Lamar Allen), and chief investigator Sarah Rush (Jessy Hughes), there are multiple narrative threads formed. 'Goodbye, Veronica Laken' is the story of a masked vigilante named the Dark Avenger (Britton McCall) who falls in love with cat burglar Veronica Laken (Ali Temple). 'Dinner of Champions' is about a father named Benjamin (Curtis Everitt) who is looking out for the welfare of his daughter Lena (Victoria Rigby), especially when not so gentlemen-ly callers such as John (Trisdon Runnels) come knocking. 'Beginnings' deals with Sarah Rush's quest to find a killer named Garment (Bethany Kuhn), whose manner of dispatching victims is...unexplainable.

Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Amy Jones
  • and Curtis Everitt


  • Curtis Everitt

Production Assistant

  • Cori Rowe

The Composer:

Written by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Aaron Brown as Roland Thompson
  • Jonathan Henderson as Matt Hastings
  • Jay Long as Mr. Banks
  • Anna Breeden as Jackie Kinder
  • Lamar Allen as Dexter
  • Nathanael Gassett as Thief
  • David Quin as Studious Student
  • Bethani Thomas as Librarian
  • Trisdon Runnels as John
  • Ali Temple as Veronica Laken
  • Bethany Kuhn as Garment
  • Jessy Hughes as Sarah Rush
  • Kim Dingess as Penelope
  • Michael Randall as Figure 8

Recital Audience Members

  • Fred Perry
  • Brian Lewis
  • Josh Eddie
  • Cori Rowe
  • Blake Edwards
  • Michael Randall
  • Phyllis Seawright

Fight Choreographer

  • Michael Randall

Goodbye, Veronica Laken:

Written by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Britton McCall as Hollister Kane/Dark Avenger
  • Ali Temple as Veronica Laken
  • Josh Powell as Francois Nixon
  • Lamar Allen as Booker
  • Josh Eddie as Buzz
  • David Quin as Scientist
  • Tyler Randall as Sander
  • Jeremy Hammack as Crane
  • Christopher Blanton as Pelton
  • Trisdon Runnels as Mayhew
  • Victor Barnette as Mugger
  • Josh Turner as Lobby Student
  • Kelsey Downs as Frightened Student

Nixon’s Thugs

  • Andrew Petersen
  • Josh Eddie
  • Trisdon Runnels
  • Christopher Blanton

Dinner of Champions:

Written by

  • Curtis Everitt

Based on an idea by

  • Chicago Allen


  • Victoria Rigby as Lena
  • Trisdon Runnels as John
  • Ali Temple as Veronica Laken
  • Cori Rowe as Dead Girl
  • Curtis Everitt as Benjamin

Parking Lot Thugs

  • Aleshia Mitchell
  • Joey Pippen
  • John Ortigo



  • Kim Dingess


  • Kim Dingess
  • with Sam Silverii

Based on characters by

  • Jeremy Hammack


  • Jessy Hughes as Sarah Rush
  • Bethany Kuhn as Garment
  • Cori Rowe as Jane West
  • Jim Schnadelbach as Callahan
  • Gabriel Olivier as Nick Young
  • Daniel Monjarres as Jack Reed
  • David Quin as Maintenance Man
  • Kim Dingess as Monica
  • Kate Wiggins as Megan
  • Sam Silverii as Eric

Special Thanks

  • Jonathan Parker
  • Cori Rowe
  • June Dunlop
  • G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library
  • Phyllis Seawright
  • The MC Music Department
  • The MC Theater Department
  • Heroes and Dreams
  • Josh Powell
  • Jim Schnadelbach
  • Lamar Allen