Canvass (2013)

Full Film

Martin Lockhead (Josh Powell) is a retired thief who now drives the accomplished artist Ted Salt (Mario Tolliver) around while attempting not to become romantically involved with Salt’s squeeze Vera D’Arcy (Lexie Smith). Unlike most of Salt’s fans, Martin knows the truth: Salt murders artists to steal their paintings. Red Herring (Lynn Forney) is a mysterious figure who prompts Martin to steal Salt’s latest piece, which causes Martin to question his loyalty. Will he be able to resist falling into his old habits, or shall he make a new life for himself with Vera?

Written and Directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Josh Powell as Martin Lockhead
  • Lexie Smith as Vera D’Arcy
  • Mario Tolliver as Ted Salt
  • Lynn Forney as Red Herring
  • Josh Eddie as Eager Fan
  • Steven Burton as Frank Burton
  • Drew Dabbs as Lawyer
  • Thad Winkle as Professional Thief
  • Kasteesha Cosby as Victim
  • Michael Randall as Habitual Thief
  • Phyllis Seawright as Teacher
  • Curtis Everitt as Mob Thief

Music arranged

  • Curtis Everitt

Original Art

  • Cori Rowe

Additional casting, footage, and direction

  • Lamar Allen