Blood on My Hands (2011)


A new girl named Lyla (Amelia Blue) moves to a town and several guys immediately notice her. Braiden (Tyler Randall), a guy who has dated every girl at his school, sees her as his one last chance for happiness and tries his hardest to date her. Gordo (Jonathan Henderson), an experienced romantic, sports flowers in hope of getting her attention even though he doesn't return her affection in the same way as Lyla hopes. Chris (Steven Walton) is the school jock who Lyla is drawn to, but she doesn't believe she has a chance with him so she doesn't shoot for the stars immediately. Also surrounding Lyla is the gay Robert (Aaron Brown), who she encounters while photographing the same subject he is drawing, and annoying Izzy (Caleb Stevens), who verbally harasses her. Whenever Lyla accepts her first date to homecoming and the date is unexpectedly murdered, Lyla turns to a CSI investigator named Ernie (Curtis Everitt) for answers, trying to uncover the identity of the mysterious killer who Ernie suspects is jealously eliminating the competition.

Written and directed by

  • Curtis Everitt


  • Amelia Blue as Lyla
  • Jonathan Henderson as Gordo
  • Tyler Randall as Braiden
  • Caleb Stevens as Izzy
  • Steven Walton as Chris
  • Aaron Brown as Robert
  • Mark Locke as Shark
  • David Shoemaker as Bower
  • Isaac Plunkett as Isaac
  • Faith Randall as Faith
  • Curtis Everitt as Det. Ernie


  • Curtis Everitt
  • and Evan Brown

Featuring music by

  • J.R. & The Allnighters

Assistant Camera

  • Isaac Plunkett


  • Isaac Plunkett
  • Jonathan Henderson